Tubesteak's 11 - Malibu Beach, CA

The fictional “Great Kahoona” character portrayed by Cliff Robertson in Gidget was based on the true to life guy in the middle of this group shot, taken by Tom McBride at Malibu. The guy waving aloha is Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy (RIP 1935 – 2012). In the middle of the 1950s, Tubesteak lived in a shack on the beach at Malibu and was the Master of Ceremonies who welcomed friends and strangers on the beach, while Miki Dora and others kept it going in the water. Third from the left is Kemp Aaberg, a great 60s surfer who still has his M Nii receipt from 1961. Third from the right, wearing the white trunks, is Dewey Weber. This motley crew is wearing a motley collection of swim trunks, chinos and whatever the square world made available in the 1960s. And then there’s Tubesteak, ever the style master, making plaid look rad. Tubesteak went on to the big Louie Louie party in the sky in August of 2012.

Photo: Tom McBride