The Boat Neck

The boat neck is a style that is cut wide at the shoulders – and shows off your collarbone. The fashion is related to the French military’s striped Breton shirt, as it is a fashion that was once function – going back to a time when sailors needed garments that allowed them to move easily, slipping on and off without a fuss. And because a sailor never knew when he would be called “All hands on deck!” and have to get dressed in a hurry, or have to strip off his shirt to jump overboard… or have to throw on a shirt and scoot in a hurry when a jealous husband came in the door. But regardless of where the style came, it’s the ease and casual drape of these boat neck styles that reflect the effortless lifestyle of the nomadic men that have inspired M.Nii’s new boatneck styles. A surfer never knows when he will wake up to a cry of “Surf’s Up!” and have to throw on a shirt fast.