Shop Profile: Mohawk Man

Late this past summer, we dropped by one of Los Angeles’ premier destination shops, Mohawk Man to chat with owner, Kevin Carney about high-end bohemia and to get his thoughts on how M.Nii fits the style of the discerning modern male.

With Mohawk General Store as your first location, what led you to extend your offering to a male clientele by opening Mohawk Man?

Originally, we were carrying both men’s and women’s clothes under one roof and we found that men feel more comfortable shopping in a store that feels like their own space. We made it a point to focus on our friends by looking to their style along with a lot of what I’m buying internationally to bring to this community.

Mohawk Man is an interesting location nestled right in the middle of Silverlake.

Definitely and when I travel the world I need to keep in mind that I’m buying for a warm weather California lifestyle. I also see the shop as a cultural exchange where my customers walk out learning something.

You started carrying M.Nii when you first opened. What about the brand resonated most with you?

It’s something that any guy can have in his wardrobe and the quality is really good. The clothes are casual, easy and you can pretty much wear them all the time. I appreciate the versatility and you don’t have to be a surfer to wear it.

Some interesting things have been happening with clothes rooted in surf and the coastal lifestyle.

I know a lot of guys who come from that world and they have amazing taste and are really well-dressed; in fact, they’re very close to understanding the functionality of garments as well.

There’s also some great history behind M.Nii.

I like telling those stories to the customer whom they probably intended to reach or even someone who doesn’t know about the brand. The JFK-inspired boardshort sold out in a few days because it had such a good story behind it. I remember my grandfather having a lot of photos of JFK and I even have one at home. That stuff really strikes a nerve with my customers and I.

Visit Mohawk Man at 4017 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029