Little Bitty Guy

DICK METZ (Co-Founder of Hobie Sports, founder of the Surfing Heritage Foundation): It was a little, one-room deal up off the ground about four or five feet and he had one leg. He was on a crutch. I don’t know how he lost his leg. Little bitty guy. And he had a broomstick with all these different colors of ribbon on it.  And you could go in there [into the shop] … M Nii had every choice. You could make black trunks with green stripes. He had all… in different widths… so you would pick out off these rollers what color you wanted and he’d cut off a little end and put it on your little card.  I remember my first trip and I came over and left on the Lurline and I said “Mr. Nii I am going to leave next week” and he said “Well I’ll have them done, don’t worry, don’t worry.” And so I’m leaving on the Lurline at 4:00 and all of the Hawaiians from the Outrigger came down to give me a big going away party. We’re on the boat and drinking and here comes M Nii on his crutch, hobbling up the gangplank with four pair of my trunks. He drove all the way from Waianae.

Dick Metz front and center, on the beach at Waikiki with friends in the 1950s.
Photo courtesy of Dick Metz.