So many social occasions, so little to wear. T-shirts, cutoffs, and a pair of thongs is how the Beach Boys described the typical surfer uniform – and that was correct. Surfers usually walked around and went about their business in and out of the water wearing not much.

But the invitations came by telephone, word of mouth, Coconut Wireless or courier. “Your presence is urgently requested…” at luaus, surf contests, weddings, funerals, high school proms with dangerously young girls. No shirts and no shoes wouldn’t do at a wedding service so surfers would throw on a little something that conformed to their surf-hardened bodies and kind of conformed to convention – while still letting the world know there were surfers in the house.

Hence M.Nii’s printed jacket. It puts the “blaze” in “blazer” and stands at the crossroads of floral and formal. Whether taking the podium at the Surfer Poll or standing there as the best man pretending you lost the wedding ring, the M.Nii printed blazer represents all the traditional meanings of “aloha”: hello goodbye and love – but also a new meaning: style.