Champion Spirit

 M.Nii’s graphic jerseys go back to the 1960s, when Surfer Joe and a lot of others went down to Huntington Beach for the annual surfer’s convention meet held every summer along the HB Pier.

The insanely popular Huntington Beach professional surf contest currently known as the US Open of Surfing began in 1959 as the amateur West Coast Surfing Championships. Surfers wearing numbered jerseys were required to wear crash helmets, as the contest was held close to the Huntington Pier. Shooting the pier was allowed and Jack Haley won the first Men’s Championship by shooting the pier not once, but twice on the same wave.

As the surfin’ sensation swept the nation, the number of contestants and spectators swelled, and in 1964 the official title changed to the United States Surfing Championships. The best surfers in the country descended on Huntington Beach along with 10,000 spectators – who cheered madly whenever a helmet-clad surfer dared to shoot the pier.

The contest was as insanely popular in the 1960s as it is now, and the summer event at Huntington Beach attracted a great deal of attention across the country, and spread surfer style from Orange County to Oklahoma – Huntington Beach to the Hamptons.

M.Nii’s graphic jerseys go back to those days. Accessorize with a crash helmet, if you like. If it’s good for you head, it’s good for your mind.